Mandeville Electrical Code Inspections

At MK Electric Man, we can provide a thorough electrical code inspection.  We will go through the electrical devices in your Mandeville home and insure that your devices are up to code.  If we find something that is currently no up to code we can upgrade the device while on the job site.  We will go through your electrical service panel to check for proper connections.  Our professional electricians will also check your internal breaker panel to check for proper breaker usage.

If our qualified Mandeville electrician finds something not currently following electrical code, you will be informed.  It is advised to upgrade any code violations, to insure that any electrical inspections will be passed. If electrical systems are not up to code then, in most cases, the electrical inspection will not get approval.  Electrical codes are in place to insure safety in the home; any violations generally are in place to promote proper electrical system operation and prevention of electrical fires.

Home Inspections

Home inspections make excellent sense whether buying, building, or selling a new home. Understanding your Mandeville home’s systems and components are critical when it comes to purchase, repair and maintenance decisions.

The one system that is of greatest concern to home buyers and home owners is the electrical system. Very few home inspectors are qualified to make a complete detailed assessment of an electrical system. Our basic home inspection already includes an inspection of the electrical system that exceeds industry standards for home inspections.

Our MandevilleServices Provide

  • Check the condition of the device
  • Check the wire feeding the device
  • Check for open grounds
  • Check the integrity of the water meter bonding jumper; if present
  • Check for the presence of a ground rods and the connections
  • Check for proper polarity
  • Check the integrity of the connections
  • Check to see whether it is properly wired
  • Check for proper grounding of supplemental systems, such as telephones and cable television
  • Check critical area for potential corrosion
  • Check the operation of all GFCI breakers

Our Electricians Provide Electrical Repairs to the Following Areas

Slidell, LA | Mandeville, LA | Covington, LA | Hammond, LA | Lacombe, LA | Madisonville, LA | Saint Tammany Parish, LA

Why Mandeville Should Hire Us for Electrical Services

While providing unsurpassed customer service when it comes to electrical problems in your home, our professional Mandeville technicians are always ready to assist you. It's a great feeling to know all your electrical needs are only a phone call away.

Problems with your electrical system can be stressful and expensive and sometimes even dangerous, but most electrical problems can be avoided with the right team on your side.

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