Solar Power Systems in the Mandeville Area

Solar power systems will turn sunlight into electricity. The silicon wafers will seize photons from the sun and turn this into DC power. This power is then changed in 120 volt AC power solar panelsand connected and along the present electrical scheme in the house or business office. This can also be connected to the localized electric control grid. As the sun is shinning, you may be able to acquire more electricity then you will consume. Your meter can actually spin backwards. During the night with no sunlight, your house will be utilizing from the utility company. Sort Of like using the utility company as a giant storehouse for your overproduction of electric power. This electricity can then be utilized right away, stashed away in batteries or fed into an electric utility grid system.

The commitment to clean power is a effective financial strategy. Solar electrical systems are quite expansive and present a good investments for the household or business proprietor. This electrical system can deliver affordable electricity and power for years, maybe decades to come. There are some generous incentives of aid off set the initial costs. A good range of local, state and federal bonuses such as grants, rebates, loans, direct equipment sales, leasing and tax credits will help to offset the prices. While it may be difficult to recognize and understand what is accessible, a Mandeville electrician can help make you aware of what is available.

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Why Slidell Should Hire Us for Their Solar Panels

With years of experience in the electrical industry, MK Electric Man has the experience and knowledge to take on any commercial energy project. From retrofitting to energy audits, we can provide you with a detailed report and quality, cost-effective solutions that will tackle your company's energy efficiency concerns.

MK Electric Man is a family owned and operated company. You can rest assured that the team at MK have your best interest in mind. Ethics, teamwork, and commitment to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction are at the heart of our commercial electrical services, and these standards are infused into solar energy every project we complete. The collective experience of our project management team gives MK Electric Man the ability to tackle any solar power project with professionalism and ease. Our team of professionally trained and continually educated electrical contractors will ensure that your project is completed safely and correctly while maintaining an efficient project completion schedule that stays on budget. All of our electrical contractors are certified by the state of Louisiana and trained to handle the most technically demanding installations in a variety of facilities. For your solar panel installation needs, remember to contact the Slidell electrician you can trust to provide you with the best service: call MK Electric Man today.

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